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Start your career in Data & AI on the 29th of September

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Techionista Academy ♥ Microsoft

Do you also find the world of data science and artificial intelligence so fascinating? And are you ready for a new career? Then the brand new Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track of the Techionista Academy is your chance! Together with Microsoft, we have put together a 100% online retraining program that will prepare you for a job in data science in 15 weeks full time (plus 2 x 2 weeks holiday: from Monday October 12th until Sunday October 25th; and from Monday December 21st until Sunday January 3rd) or 22 weeks part time (plus 2 x 2 weeks holiday: from Monday October 12th until Sunday October 25th; and from Monday December 21st until Sunday January 3rd). After this training you will have the following four Microsoft certificates in your pocket: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200), Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201) and Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100). This means you are ready for a job as a (junior) data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, business intelligence professional, or data & AI consultant. And don’t worry … you’re not doing it alone. You will work at home, but you do it together with your fellow students and our coaches and trainers who guide you to the finish. You got this! You can register now without obligation, to start full-time or part-time on September 29th. Would you rather start later? The next Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track will start on January 5, again with a full-time and a part-time track.

High job opportunity

4959 Vacancies in Data & AI

This is not the first time Techionista and Microsoft have organized an academy together. We have done this twice before. And with success: 95% of the women we trained are now working in data science and ICT. For example, check the story of the three former candidates in this video. We do not only train in hard skills; we also support you with job application and pitch training. This way you will be as good as possible during interviews. Good to know: in January of this year we investigated how many vacancies there were in Data & AI in the Netherlands at that time. No fewer than 4,959 vacancies were found for data scientists, data analysts and BI specialists.

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Hard, Soft and Business Skills

We believe in a combination of hard, soft and business skills. That’s why you don’t just learn everything that has to do with data science: from programming languages ​​like Python to creating data models with Power BI; you also receive lessons from experienced personal branding experts. This way you learn how to translate your strengths and skills into a perfect CV and how to conduct a perfect job interview, for example. To properly prepare you for the Microsoft exams, we use the official MOC material (Microsoft Official Courseware) during our training sessions. This means that you will have access to e-books with accompanying practical exercises for the four Microsoft certificates for which you will be taking exams. And the nice thing is that you continue to have unlimited access to this knowledge that is kept up to date by Microsoft; also well after this training. In addition, we prepare you well for the exams through additional exercises. All these training courses are given by Microsoft Certified trainers.

For a complete overview of what you will learn, see this complete study overview  here!

✓ Coding with Python: learn everything about analyzing data
✓ Use SQL to retrieve, insert, modify and delete data from databases and relational databases
✓ Data visualization with Matplotlib, Seaborn and Bokeh
✓ Statistical research methods for data exploration
✓ Introduction to T-SQL and Microsoft SQL Server
✓ Introduction to data engineering and learn about managing data workflows, pipelines and ETL processes
✓ Analyzing and visualizing data with Spreadsheets
✓ Clean up data, model data and visualize data with Microsoft Power BI
✓ Get familiar with Microsoft Azure
✓ Introduction to Microsoft Azure for data engineers
✓ Design a Microsoft Azure Data Solution with Cosmos DB, Blob storage, Data Lake Storage Gen2, Stream Analytics and Azure Databricks
✓ Analyzing data with Microsoft Power BI

For a complete overview of what you will learn, see this complete study overview here!
✓ DISC: discover your unique talents and come to a better understanding of yourself, your motives, your talents and growth opportunities
✓ Personal Branding
✓ Learn to build a portfolio
✓ Write a clear and powerful motivation letter and CV
✓ Learn how to confidently conduct a job interview

For a complete overview of what you will learn, see this complete study overview here!
✓ Ethics for Big Data and AI
✓ Online and offline networks
✓ Learn to negotiate: Negotiation tactics before and during projects
✓ Build professional dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

For a complete overview of what you will learn, see this complete study overview here!
After completing all the modules and obtaining the Microsoft certificates, you will work on a challenging business case from one of our partners. During this business case, you use all your learned data science, business intelligence and data engineering skills to tackle problems and end with a conclusion or solutions.
During the training we will put you in touch with interested companies during a digital Job Fair. You will then speed date with companies. That works incredibly well. Because you speak with different companies, you get a much faster idea of ​​where you would fit well; you practice giving your quickpitch (which of course we also train you in), and last but certainly not least: it can lead to a match! And wouldn't it be nice if you completed the training, with an initial job offer already in your pocket?




Data Insights Analyst at Nestlé

The reason for me to participate in Techionista’s retraining program was to boost my career. For me, it was the right time to devote 4 months to study, before getting back to work again. The academy taught me how to handle big datasets, to analyze and visualize the data, and to even make predictive analysis for useful insights. With these new skills, I will start as a Data Insights Analyst at Nestlé. Additional benefits of this academy are the soft skill training to improve your personal development, inspirational talks from companies that operate in data science, the offline support throughout the hard skill training and the job fair to connect you to tech companies.



Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw

The combination of hard and soft skills that Techionista offers is very valuable, but what has been made most important to me is the possibility – in an informal setting – to make contacts with many different companies. Data Science is a broad field; it is important to find out exactly what companies do with Data Science, what type of people they are looking for, but also what you would most like to do. Techionista helps you in a very nice way in this search and that has given me a good match with Macaw, where I now have a job as Data, Analytics & AI Consultant.

Charlotte Bril


Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw

The retraining program of Techionista made my career-switch possible. Data Science is a hot topic, and every company sooner or later wants to become data-driven. So, when you’re ahead of this movement, you have many job options to choose from. In just four months, you will learn a lot about analyzing and visualizing data and the thing I loved the most was making predictive analyses with machine learning algorithms.  

Sounds hard? No, it isn’t! You can learn it too if you want to.

I now work as a Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw, and I am so excited knowing that I will learn much more and develop myself every day to become an excellent data scientist. And all of this because I made the great decision to switch careers, invested in myself for four months and used the knowledge and contacts from Techionista.


Martin ter Horst


“We have become very enthusiastic about the Techionista program. Partly because of the people behind it, but especially also because of the people who participate. They are very motivated people. It is a program (the retraining program, ed.) That makes the connection between the strength that people already take with them and the new knowledge they acquire there. We need new influx and new insights in this domain.”

Macaw hired multiple Techionistas.




“While working as a molecular biologist, I realized that I liked working with data even more than working in the lab. That is why I decided to participate in the Techionista Academy and retrain as a data science professional. I never regretted it! During the training my skills, network and self-confidence have grown enormously. I enjoyed the process. I now work as a data scientist at BP Solutions.”



Former student | DATA SCIENTIST at the British MINISTRY OF JUSTICE

“This academy was the top opportunity for me to make my Master in Social Sciences future-proof. In a few weeks of intensive training, we were taught programming languages ​​and machine learning techniques that are in great demand in all industries. With this golden mix of skills I was able to emigrate to the UK with confidence, with not one but two job offers in my pocket! I now work as a Data Scientist at the British Ministry of Justice, where I try to ensure the safety of detainees, among other things, by providing detainees with more information about violence and self-harm in prisons. ”

Henk van Raan

Henk van Raan

CIO Johan Cruijff ArenA

“When we talk about inclusion and diversity, we think we should also play a role in that. By facilitating these kinds of initiatives, we are doing our bit.”

The Johan Cruijff ArenA made its beautiful location available to the Techionista Academy two years in a row.



Former student | BI DEVELOPER at BNG BANK

“After 15 years of no longer working in ICT, I wanted to switch back to ICT as a data professional. Following the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science in a group was the main reason for me to join the Techionista Academy. Because we followed the same modules at the same pace, sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences with each other was very valuable. In retrospect, I am absolutely happy with the time pressure and the positive group pressure. The pressure cooker effect in a short time to completing modules was the key to success for me.

The Techionista Academy even exceeds my expectations afterwards: enormous boost of my self-confidence, expansion of my network with many data-driven professionals. And via the Techionista network, I started soon after the program in data analytics with a nice combined job and working and learning more in practice.
The Microsoft program requires considerable perseverance and investment in time and money. It was also thanks to the substantive guidance provided by Techionista that I managed to successfully complete the program. My personal yield is a greatly increased labor market value and a huge increase in my motivation and job satisfaction in (big) data-driven organizations.”


Mark de Groot


“With the retraining program of Techionista, the technical side of candidates is further developed; the knowledge of data science. That is for us a foundation with which we can further train candidates within our company. Last year we also found a data scientist at Techionista. We are very satisfied with her and she is doing very well with our customers.”

BPSOLUTIONS now employs two Techionistas.



Former student | Data Scientist at Ajax

“The strength of the program is that you receive coaching from your team members and professionals from the field. Combined with extensive soft skills training and a business case, it is the ideal mix. What I take with me is a valuable network and knowledge to apply data science in business. I now have a dream job as a Data Scientist at Ajax. ”

Ineke Hoekman – van Hassel

Ineke Hoekman – van Hassel


“We all know that very few women work in IT. We also know that diversity in any profession is very important. We will have to realize the diversity together, otherwise the functions will be performed too one-sidedly or uniformly. This academy was not started specifically for jobs within Microsoft, but rather for our customers, customer users and our partners. There is a great need for this profile.”



Former student | Freelance data scientist

“In my role as a Market Intelligence professional, I was constantly confronted with the lack of good data insight and I was always dependent on others. Techionista has prepared me from a layman in the field of data science to a professional in a very short time, through the right combination of soft skills and hard skills. After the training I started working as a freelancer. I would not have been able to make a step towards independence without this training.”

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