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Questions in advance

It is important that you have some analytical skills (that you have some affinity with numbers and analytics, for example). But we have composed the training in such a way that even if you do not have any experience, you should be able to follow the training. The more experience you have with programming languages, for example, the easier it will be. We estimate that you must have an HBO thinking level for this program. You don't have to prove that to us with a HBO diploma; it can also show up well in your work experience. Are you unsure whether you can handle this training? Sign up without obligation. After receiving your registration form, we will send you an email with an invitation for a telephone conversation. We can then discuss whether this course suits you.
Of course! This is an online training. If the time difference is not an obstacle for you, you are very welcome!
We strongly recommend that you work on a computer with Windows OS (Operating System). You need to use a laptop or computer with a camera and a good microphone because you will participate in several webinars and team-building assignments in which we use video calling. Moreover, we recommend using a computer with Intel core I5 or higher and 8GB RAM, as this will make sure your computer is fast enough to load heavy programs such as Power BI.
We do recommend that you work on a computer with Windows OS (Operating System). If you have a Mac OS you can buy Parallels software during the course. This is software in which you can emulate a Windows operating system. It allows you to use a Windows OS on your Mac OS. It does however make your laptop maybe too slow. So we would definitely advise a Windows laptop, if you participate with a Mac, it is at your own risk ;).
Both the full-time track and the part-time track can take place with at least 20 participants.
You can choose the full-time track; we assume 36 study hours per week. This track lasts 17 weeks. You also get 6 weeks of holiday: from October 16 to October 31, 2021; from December 25 to January 9, 2022; and from 19 February to 6 March 2022. So if you include those weeks, the duration is 23 weeks. The last day of the full-time track is on February 18. You can also opt for part-time; we assume 24 study hours per week. That track lasts 26 weeks. And you have 7 weeks of vacation: from October 16 to October 31, 2021; from December 25 to January 9, 2022; from February 19 to March 6, 2022; and from April 20 to May 18, 2022. If you include those weeks, the total duration is 33 weeks. The last day of the part-time track is on May 12. You can organize your time yourself; although there are weekly live (webinar) moments with coaches, trainers, and fellow candidates where your digital presence is desired.
We have planned a number of weeks in the program for both full-timers and part-timers. We follow the school holidays as much as possible. During these periods we do not schedule any live events, but you are expected to spend a few hours a day studying. The holidays are for both part-timers and full-timers from October 16 to October 31, 2021; from December 25 to January 9, 2022; and from 19 February to 6 March 2022. The part-timers also have holidays from April 20 to May 18 2022. Do you already have other holiday plans that fall outside the planned holiday period? Know that classes will continue and you cannot fall behind too much. It is your responsibility to review missed live sessions and to get back in sync with the group as soon as possible so that you can attend the live training sessions in preparation for your exam. If you already have holiday plans that do not fall within the planned holiday period, you are obliged to mention this during your telephone intake interview with Techionista: this way we can give better positive or negative participation advice.

Registration procedure

If you are interested, first fill in the registration form. This form gives us an idea of ​​your experience and background. You will then receive an email from us with an invitation for a personal telephone conversation. You can easily schedule it yourself. During this short conversation we will discuss your wishes, your background and the nature of the training. You will then receive a positive or negative participation advice from Techionista. With positive advice, we are confident that you will complete this training well and that you have good chances of finding a job. In the event of negative advice, you are still free to participate, but we suspect that the training will be very difficult for you.
As quickly as possible! Some courses can only take place with a certain number of participants. The sooner we know we have reached the required number, the better!

About the training

We think so 🙂 Experience shows that live (digital) contact moments - whether with trainers, your mentor or your fellow students - greatly increase your chances of success. In the unlikely event that you are unable to join a live session (for example, a webinar from a trainer), you can look back at this: we will also record all sessions.
For a large part, you can organize your hours yourself. This applies to both the full-time and the part-time track. On some days your live (digital) presence is expected.
For the full-time track, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are the days on which you must be available for virtual training. We usually fill two or three days with virtual training and Microsoft certification days and you can spend the rest of the hours on self-study. Sometimes your presence is required all mentioned days. Please note: sometimes we have to deviate from the days mentioned. We will of course inform you of this as soon as possible. For the part-time track, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are the days on which you must be available for virtual training and Microsoft certification days. You can divide the rest of the hours for self-study over the rest of the week. Sometimes we schedule a third day, we try to limit this as much as possible. Note: sometimes we have to deviate from the days mentioned. We will of course inform you of this as soon as possible. During the Microsoft certification days of the course, you will be prepared for your Microsoft exams by a certified trainer and the actual exams take place.
You take exams for Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200), Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201) and Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100). Of course we assume that you succeed 🙂 This means you are ready for a job as a (junior) data scientist, data engineer, data analyst or business intelligence professional.
The next tracks will start on January 25th 2022.
You schedule the exams together with Techionista. You can take the exams online.

Job opportunities

You are responsible for finding a job yourself. But we do facilitate you. We do this, among other things, by introducing you to companies at an early stage through inspiring business presentations from our business partners. In addition, we share a special vacancy board with you, on which we share relevant, open vacancies at our Business Partners with you. In addition, we support you with various career skills training courses that will help you with, for example, drawing up a good CV and preparing (technical) job interviews.
The ICT sector in the Netherlands still guaranteed 7% growth in 2019. Although we see that this growth is slowing down, there are still many vacancies in ICT. Like all markets, the ICT market will also be partly influenced. But that does not alter the fact that ICT is still one of the most future-proof segments.


Yes, Techionista Academy is recognized by the UWV as a training partner. As a result, it may be possible for you to pay for your training using the training budget of the UWV. You can gain the funding if you are unemployed, but also if you will lose your current job within four months. If you would like to obtain more information about the options, don't hesitate to get in touch with your UWV Work Advisor, and feel free to register without obligation. We will then discuss this during an intake call.
If you can't make ends meet because you have no income while studying at Techionista, you can sign up at TechMeUp. TechMeUp makes it possible for students who do not have enough income during their transition to IT to be able to follow a course. Read more about TechMeUp.
These are uncertain times. The corona virus not only affects our health, but also our economy. Investing in a future-proof job now is a good idea; but also exciting. Especially now. Techionista understands that very well. We think it is important that (specifically) women choose a career in ICT; or more specifically: a career in Data & AI. Again: especially now. Because: what the future will bring: we don't know. But what we think we know is that ICT will grow in the future. That certainty now seems to disappear for many other segments. Among our registrations we see flight attendants, event managers, marketers: people who fear for the (near) future of their profession. Those people should now have the opportunity to retrain. That is why Techionista has decided to take over the financial risk for all participants in the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track, by fully covering the remaining study costs of € 5,000 (ex VAT). For this training, a participant only pays the personal contribution of € 3,500 ex VAT (€ 4.235 incl. VAT). And that’s it. In addition, our recruiter starts working with candidates to find a job during the training. Does a candidate score a job via the Techionista network (for example via the Job Fair or the recruiter); then we ask the future employer to cover the remaining study costs. If you are unable to find a job, the risk of the remaining study costs lies with Techionista. The candidate never pays more than € 3,500 (ex VAT). The following also applies if a candidate decides to start freelance or entrepreneurship after the training, or to work for a company that does not pay the remaining study costs: the candidate never pays more than € 3,500 (ex VAT).
We offer the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track to candidates for € 3,500 ex VAT (€ 4.235 incl. VAT). That’s what a candidate pays. But that is of course not the real value of this training: it is much higher. If we applied a commercial rate, this training would cost you € 9,972.94 (ex VAT). But Techionista has a mission: we want to give as many women as possible the opportunity to retrain to a job in ICT. That is why we want to keep the financial threshold as low as possible to participate in this process. Fortunately, we have found a great partner in Microsoft. Thanks to their financial support, we have been able to significantly reduce the actual study costs: up to € 8,500 ex VAT. As mentioned, your own contribution is € 3,500 (ex VAT). This means that the remaining study costs are € 5,000 (ex VAT). We previously kept those remaining study costs until after the training. If a candidate would find a job within 2 months after graduation, we would recover the remaining study costs from the future boss. Or; if a candidate would decide to accept a job within 2 months after graduation from a company that does not intend to take over the candidate's remaining study costs; the candidate would then reimburse us for the remaining costs, possibly in installments. If it was not possible to find a job within two months after graduation, the risk was already with Techionista. Then applied: no cure, no pay and the remaining study costs were waived. During Covid-19 we change the conditions. We still hope to recover the remaining study costs of € 5,000 (ex VAT) from your future boss. But if that doesn't work out, the risk lies entirely with Techionista. This way you as a candidate know where you stand. You never pay more than € 3,500 (ex VAT) and can count on us to do our best so that you can find a job as soon as possible after graduation.
This training is primarily intended for people looking for a new job (or freelance jobs). Suppose you are employed somewhere during this training, but you would like to find a new job after completing it; then we see you as a job seeker. Even then you only pay € 3,500 ex VAT. If you are employed somewhere and you do not intend to change jobs, the intention is that your current employer, or you yourself pay the total study costs; being € 8,500 (ex VAT).

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