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With 4 Microsoft certificates in their pocket, our students are ready for a job in data science. Maybe within your company! Have a digital speed date with them without obligation at a time that suits you. This way you quickly get a good impression of the talent we have for you.


*“Of the women who took part in our retraining programs, 95% found a job in ICT. You really see that our speed dating sessions with IT companies make a world of difference in the application process. It’s working!”

Tamira van Roeyen, Co-Founder

Come speed dating with our candidates

This academy trains people who have decided to boost their career into tech. People who have already established a great career but want to make the switch to data science. Often, they have already taught themselves to program within languages such as Python or have done some data analysis within their current job. Now they want to take the next step by officially starting to work as a data scientist. Our candidates are fluent in both Dutch and/or English. As an employer, you can come into contact with them exclusively during digital speed dating session. You then speak to as many candidates as possible in a short time, so that you get to know each other quickly. Of course you will receive the resume after every speed date.

Ready for a job in data science with 4 Microsoft certificates in their pockets

Together with Microsoft we deliver a 100% online training that prepares women from various professional backgrounds for a career in data science in just 15 weeks full-time, or 22 weeks part-time. The Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI Track at the Techionista Academy supports our students in obtaining four Microsoft certificates: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200), Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201) and Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100). Getting these certificates requires a passion for Data Science and a motivation to succeed in a career in technology. Overall preparing them for a starter role as a data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, business intelligence, or data & AI consultant. Maybe within your company!

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Experiences from practice

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Former Student | Data Analyst at Avanade

“I had already completed a post-graduate course and various online training courses to prepare myself -after a career in commerce- for a role in data analytics or data science. Still, I wanted to do the Techionista Academy. On the one hand, because the technical skills are complementary to what I had already learned. You will learn a lot about data engineering; a very valuable skill regardless of which direction in the data domain you will go. On the other hand because of the attention to soft skills, so that afterward you can look for your next challenge with confidence and with a good plan.
It was quite intensive, which is why I thought it was so great. I have learned an insane amount; from the excellent training courses and workshops, but also from each other and about myself. And even though everything was online, I experienced a very nice connection with my class and with the Techionista crew.”



Former Student | Data Engineer at Avanade

“Despite all the negative consequences of the pandemic, the chance to attend this academy 100% online has allowed me to turn 2020 into a fruitful year. With having a Software Engineering background and experience with data before, it had been fun to take my skills to a few levels up with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing technologies. The program was quite intensive, included lots to learn, and well prepared! Although being in a remote environment, the community in every sense was great. I will always remember all the great times I had here. Now I work as a Data Engineer at Avanade and feel thrilled for the next chapters of my career.”




Since I’ve always been interested in the data and tech world, I’ve been considering doing something with it for a long time. When the Corona crisis broke out, my work as a virtual assistant came to a temporary halt and I saw my chance. I have registered for the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track of the Techionista Academy. In June 2020 I started with the first group that was fully trained online. It became one big adventure. Not only did I learn a lot about data and tech, but also about myself. In addition, I got to know a group of very passionate women, trainers, and inspirational speakers. My network has exploded. The contacts with my fellow students are still warm and we help each other where we can. Despite the still ongoing pandemic, most of us are back at work and are fully applying the knowledge we have gained.



“Due to the Corona crisis, my interim work as Marketing Manager was temporarily halted, which gave me the space in my agenda to start learning again. The world of data & AI was becoming more and more a requirement to add to my marketing skills and it sparked my interest to delve further into it. It was not only a huge challenge and experience to learn new technical skills, but above all a gift to expand my network with so many strong women, trainers and business partners. We are not yet out of the Corona crisis, but I am now fully in a working life again and now positioned myself as a Data-driven Marketing Manager. Ready for the future! ”


Data Insights Analyst at Nestlé

The reason for me to participate in Techionista’s retraining program was to boost my career. For me, it was the right time to devote 4 months to study, before getting back to work again. The academy taught me how to handle big datasets, to analyze and visualize the data, and to even make predictive analysis for useful insights. With these new skills, I will start as a Data Insights Analyst at Nestlé. Additional benefits of this academy are the soft skill training to improve your personal development, inspirational talks from companies that operate in data science, the offline support throughout the hard skill training and the job fair to connect you to tech companies.



Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw

The combination of hard and soft skills that Techionista offers is very valuable, but what has been made most important to me is the possibility – in an informal setting – to make contacts with many different companies. Data Science is a broad field; it is important to find out exactly what companies do with Data Science, what type of people they are looking for, but also what you would most like to do. Techionista helps you in a very nice way in this search and that has given me a good match with Macaw, where I now have a job as Data, Analytics & AI Consultant.

Charlotte Bril


Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw

The retraining program of Techionista made my career-switch possible. Data Science is a hot topic, and every company sooner or later wants to become data-driven. So, when you’re ahead of this movement, you have many job options to choose from. In just four months, you will learn a lot about analyzing and visualizing data and the thing I loved the most was making predictive analyses with machine learning algorithms.  

Sounds hard? No, it isn’t! You can learn it too if you want to.

I now work as a Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw, and I am so excited knowing that I will learn much more and develop myself every day to become an excellent data scientist. And all of this because I made the great decision to switch careers, invested in myself for four months and used the knowledge and contacts from Techionista.


Martin ter Horst


“We have become very enthusiastic about the Techionista program. Partly because of the people behind it, but especially also because of the people who participate. They are very motivated people. It is a program (the retraining program, ed.) That makes the connection between the strength that people already take with them and the new knowledge they acquire there. We need new influx and new insights in this domain.”

Macaw hired multiple Techionistas.




“While working as a molecular biologist, I realized that I liked working with data even more than working in the lab. That is why I decided to participate in the Techionista Academy and retrain as a data science professional. I never regretted it! During the training my skills, network and self-confidence have grown enormously. I enjoyed the process. I now work as a data scientist at BP Solutions.”



Former student | DATA SCIENTIST at the British MINISTRY OF JUSTICE

“This academy was the top opportunity for me to make my Master in Social Sciences future-proof. In a few weeks of intensive training, we were taught programming languages ​​and machine learning techniques that are in great demand in all industries. With this golden mix of skills I was able to emigrate to the UK with confidence, with not one but two job offers in my pocket! I now work as a Data Scientist at the British Ministry of Justice, where I try to ensure the safety of detainees, among other things, by providing detainees with more information about violence and self-harm in prisons. ”

Henk van Raan

Henk van Raan

CIO Johan Cruijff ArenA

“When we talk about inclusion and diversity, we think we should also play a role in that. By facilitating these kinds of initiatives, we are doing our bit.”

The Johan Cruijff ArenA made its beautiful location available to the Techionista Academy two years in a row.”



Former student | BI DEVELOPER at BNG BANK

“After 15 years of no longer working in ICT, I wanted to switch back to ICT as a data professional. Following the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science in a group was the main reason for me to join the Techionista Academy. Because we followed the same modules at the same pace, sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences with each other was very valuable. In retrospect, I am absolutely happy with the time pressure and the positive group pressure. The pressure cooker effect in a short time to completing modules was the key to success for me.

The Techionista Academy even exceeds my expectations afterwards: enormous boost of my self-confidence, expansion of my network with many data-driven professionals. And via the Techionista network, I started soon after the program in data analytics with a nice combined job and working and learning more in practice.
The Microsoft program requires considerable perseverance and investment in time and money. It was also thanks to the substantive guidance provided by Techionista that I managed to successfully complete the program. My personal yield is a greatly increased labor market value and a huge increase in my motivation and job satisfaction in (big) data-driven organizations.”


Mark de Groot


“With the retraining program of Techionista, the technical side of candidates is further developed; the knowledge of data science. That is for us a foundation with which we can further train candidates within our company. Last year we also found a data scientist at Techionista. We are very satisfied with her and she is doing very well with our customers.”

BPSOLUTIONS now employs two Techionistas.



Former student | Data Scientist at Ajax

“The strength of the program is that you receive coaching from your team members and professionals from the field. Combined with extensive soft skills training and a business case, it is the ideal mix. What I take with me is a valuable network and knowledge to apply data science in business. I now have a dream job as a Data Scientist at Ajax. ”

Ineke Hoekman – van Hassel

Ineke Hoekman – van Hassel


“We all know that very few women work in IT. We also know that diversity in any profession is very important. We will have to realize the diversity together, otherwise the functions will be performed too one-sidedly or uniformly. This academy was not started specifically for jobs within Microsoft, but rather for our customers, customer users and our partners. There is a great need for this profile.”



Former student | Freelance data scientist

“In my role as a Market Intelligence professional, I was constantly confronted with the lack of good data insight and I was always dependent on others. Techionista has prepared me from a layman in the field of data science to a professional in a very short time, through the right combination of soft skills and hard skills. After the training I started working as a freelancer. I would not have been able to make a step towards independence without this training.”

“We have become very enthusiastic about the Techionista program. Partly because of the people who support it, but also mainly because of the people who participate. These are very motivated people. It is a program that makes the connection between the strength that people already bring with them and the new knowledge they gain there. ”

Martin ter Horst, Principal Consultant Macaw
Macaw hired no fewer than 6 Techionistas last year.

They're contributing to the Techionista Academy


Juliette Gray


Anita de Beijl

Former Student | Freelancer Data Driven Marketingmanager

Dorien Nannings

FORMER STUDENT | Freelance General Support
Foto Ime Dekker

Ime Dekker

Mentor Data & AI at the Techionista Academy
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Sanne

Sanne van Egmond

Project Manager at Techionista

Vivianne Bendermacher

Director / Owner Techionista
Teamleden site_Tamira

Tamira van Roeyen

Director / Owner Techionista
Teamleden site_Shy

Shyenne Bernds


Virginia Roberts

Azure Technical Trainer, Microsoft
Mark f

Mark Farragher

AI Expert | Microsoft Certified Trainer | Scrum Master
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Alice

Alice Bom

Data Scientist at Avanade
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Mirjam

Kire Hajba

Team Lead, Data Science, Applied Analytics & AI at Macaw
Mirjam van Olst

Mirjam van Olst

Executive Operations Lead France, Belgium, Netherlands at Avanade
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Peter

Peter ter Braake

Microsoft Data Platform and Analytics trainer and consultant, former MVP
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Renate (1)

Renate van Kempen

Former student | Freelance data scientist

Mariëlle Koekenbier

Former student | Data, Analytics and AI Consultant at Macaw
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Wendy

Wendy van Gilst

Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn

Annemarie Steen

DISC Specialist
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Saskia

Saskia Haafkes

Specialist Negotiation at Bureau Beaufort
Site-images _ Teamleden _ Remsey

Remsey Mailjard

Software Developer & IT Trainer | Owner Skills4-IT
Jeroen ter Heerdt

Jeroen ter Heerdt

Program Manager at Microsoft

Wendy van Wijngaarden

Recruiter Techionista Academy

Chris Potter

Personal Branding specialist/trainer | Owner Bureau Beaufort

Maaike van Putten

Software developer | Trainer Bright Boost

Waldemar de Haas

Megan Bloemsma

Megan Bloemsma


Marc Lelijveld