Boost your career with the 3-day Microsoft Azure Certified Machine Learning & AI track

1 Microsoft Certificate

Duration: 3 days + self study hours



What you're going to learn

Learn how to work with Machine Learning in the Azure cloud and work on various fun business cases.

This training provides an introduction to working with Machine Learning & AI models. You will work with the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio in the cloud and you will learn how to design, train and evaluate complex AI models. You will learn content modeling, without coding. During the training, you will work on 3 cases. The business cases are divided into different categories, for example Netflix generating recommendations or predicting risks for heart patients.

The training lasts 3 days. After that, you still need self-study hours to prepare for the exam. How many study hours you need for this is different for everyone. So in addition to the basic theory, you also get sufficient hands-on design and construction time. With this approach, you gain confidence to apply machine learning in a work situation. In addition, we prepare you for the official Microsoft certification of the DP-100 (Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure). After the training, you plan your exam yourself. You will of course receive a voucher for taking this exam from us.
✓ Introduction and installation of your machine learning workspace in the Azure Cloud
✓ What is Machine Learning?
✓ Loading and processing of data
✓ Regression models – predicting numerical data
✓ Binary classification – predicting model
✓ Multi-class classification + business case
✓ Training and evaluation of models + business case
✓ Ensemble Models
✓ Clustering
✓ Recommendation Systems + business case
✓ Summary of the training: what have we learned?

For Whom

People with some knowledge of IT or (study) experience with tech hard skills


  • November 10, 11 and 12
  • December 6, 7 and 9


€ 1.750 ex. VAT (€ 2,117.50 incl. VAT)

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