You score 3 Microsoft certificates

That makes you even more wanted on the labor market

After the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI retraining track you - hopefully - have 3 Microsoft certificates in your pocket: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100), and Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203). Previously, there were two certificates (DP-200 and DP-201) instead of the latter (DP-203). But Microsoft has decided to merge these two into one new certificate. With these certificates you are ready for a job as a (junior) data professional, data engineer, data analyst or business intelligence professional. The Techionista Academy does not like to reinvent the wheel. That is why we work together with the best online training center for future data professionals: Datacamp and of course with Microsoft Learn.

You also work on your soft and business skills

Under the guidance of our experienced coaches

Soft skills

✓ DISC: discover your unique talents and come to a better understanding of yourself, your motives, your talents and growth opportunities
✓ Personal Branding
✓ Learn to build a portfolio
✓ Write a clear and powerful motivation letter and CV
✓ Learn how to conduct an (technical) interview with confidence

Business skills

✓ Ethics for Big Data and AI
✓ Online and offline networks
✓ Learn to negotiate: Negotiation tactics before and during projects

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Learning becomes even better thanks to Datacamp Donates

Students of Techionista's 'long track' receive a premium subscription to Datacamp

Datacamp is an online environment where you learn skills you need when working with data. You'll learn to program with Python and SQL and also lay a foundation for PowerBI. Are you following Techionista’s ‘Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI Track'? Then we have already selected for you the modules that best fit and will help you obtain the Microsoft certificates. Thanks to the Datacamp Donates program you can also use other modules in the online environment, as a student of Techionista's ‘Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI Track' you get a premium subscription so you have one year of access to Datacamp.

They contribute to our academy