Alice Blom

Alice Bom

Data Scientist at Avanade

I am a driven and enthusiastic data scientist who has a passion for solving problems with math, statistics and programming. Having over 8+ years of experience in the IT branch, I have worked with numerous clients and projects at Avanade, in a variety of roles related to Data Science. Moreover, I have worked extensively with various technologies, such as Azure Data Factory, SQL Databases, Synapse, Machine Learning Workspace, DataBricks, Docker, Kubernetes and DevOps.

I am specialized in the development of Advanced Analytics Platforms in Azure and have extensive experience in the deployment and retraining of Machine Learning models. The point where DevOps and MLOps meet.

Are you curious as to how I will develop and air an entire Advanced Analytics Platform in an hour? During the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI Track I’ll be hosting an inspirational session on this!

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