Chris Potter

Personal Branding specialist/trainer | Owner Bureau Beaufort

The way you present yourself at times that matter determines the success in your life; I am now convinced of that. And that presentation of yourself is no longer only taking place physically, but increasingly digitally. How do you deal with this as a professional? How do you present yourself in a way that you are remembered and people know what you can do for them? Those are questions that I like to deal with.

After a long career in marketing and branding, I started to study how to “market” a person. This marketing knowledge, combined with my training experience, ensures the perfect mix on the subject of personal branding.

In 2008 I founded Bureau Beaufort, a training agency that works with specialists in different fields with one goal: to help professionals strengthen their qualities, improve skills and become more visible.

I have great empathy and a pure interest in what moves people, which enables me to reach people personally. I take pleasure in motivating people to achieve their goals and get the best out of themselves.

During the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track, Chris Potter teaches Personal Branding, among other things.

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