Maaike van Putten

Software developer | Trainer Bright Boost
In 2013 I graduated: a bachelor with a major in mathematics and an MSc in communication. All this time, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in the long run. In 2014 I started as a software developer at Capgemini. I already had some prior knowledge of software development, but not much. I learned Java and C# here and gained my first experience as a software developer. Soon it started to itch to give training next to it and in the evenings I worked on private projects.
I started with a series of ‘IT for non-IT’ers’ courses under the name Bright Boost, in which I explain various topics that sound intimidating in dummy language as much as possible. At that time I mainly gave the training to recruiters. Software development courses for retrainees and juniors soon followed. And nowadays I also give advanced training. In addition, I have always continued to do projects myself. Currently I work on a legal tech project, I am studying part-time law at Radboud University and I train various subjects to various target groups, from people with a distance to the labor market to senior software developers and managers of IT departments who want more IT knowledge themselves. I spend many hours a week on this, but it doesn’t actually feel like working, rather a pretty time-consuming hobby. I think that being able to actually make what you make up yourself is the coolest thing about this field. I really believe that you can achieve anything you want as long as you really go for it. With that in mind, I like to help other people learn new things.
During the Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI track, Maaike provides an inspiration session about her path in the world of ICT with a touch of Python. On top of that Maaike gives an introductory session Data & AI.

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