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Peter ter Braake

Microsoft Data Platform and Analytics trainer and consultant, former MVP

From the very beginning of my IT career in the 1990s, I have combined practice with training. In 2002 I chose to fully focus on SQL Server. From that moment on I have always been fully certified and I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer. In different branches I have done design work, performance tuning and especially a lot of Business Intelligence. Making data models with Analysis Services, developing ETL processes with Integration Services and the front end with Reporting Services. From the very beginning, PowerBI has been added and, more recently, all Azure data options including the Big Data capabilities.

In the meantime, I pair 25 years of practical experience with 25 years of teaching. I like to help people who are new to the data profession on their way in this fascinating world. I also enjoy sparring with more experienced people about the (im)possibilities and best practices of all applied technologies. I always look for the combination of theory and practice, so that you can apply what you have learned to certify yourself, but also in your own projects.

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