Virginia Roberts

Azure Technical Trainer, Microsoft
My first job in tech was as a contract tester at Microsoft on Office language tools; I was in love and have never looked back! My career has spanned various corners of technology, but my favorite thing is always helping people learn to harness the power of tech to improve their own lives and careers. In the US I previously volunteered with a non-profit to help girls code iOS apps in a one-week camp, and I thrived in seeing their joy in making tech work for them and seeing the wide world of careers technology leads to. I often wish I had had someone teach me that sort of thing before I began in my own career, so I could’ve gotten my start in tech even sooner! I’m happy to be helping learners of all ages and backgrounds, but particularly to people who haven’t historically been prioritized in the tech industry. I’m excited to guide you through Azure fundamentals and more, and help you gain the skills you need to apply cloud technologies to your own careers!

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