These women already participated

The first Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista, started in the spring of 2018. The participants of this first edition will tell you how they have experienced this intensive training and how it has helped them to find a job in data science.


“The Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science made my career-switch possible. Data Science is a hot topic, and every company, sooner or later wants to become data-driven. So, when you’re ahead of this movement, you have many job options to choose from. In just four months, you will learn a lot about analyzing and visualizing data. I now work as a Data, Analytics and AI consultant at Macaw, and I am so excited knowing that I will learn much more and develop myself every day to become an excellent data scientist. And all of this because I made the great decision to switch careers, invested in myself for four months and used the knowledge and contacts from Techionista.”


”The reason for me to participate in the Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science was to boost my career. For me, it was the right time to devote 4 months to study, before getting back to work again. The academy taught me how to handle big datasets, to analyze and visualize the data, and to even make predictive analysis for useful insights. With these new skills, I will start as a Data Insights Analyst at Nestlé. Additional benefits of this academy are the soft skill training to improve your personal development, inspirational talks from companies that operate in data science, the offline support throughout the hard skill training and the job fair to connect you to tech companies.”


During my work as a molecular biologist, I realized I love working with data even more than doing lab work. Therefore, I decided to start at the Techionista Academy and become a data science professional, which I haven’t regretted a single moment! During the four months of studying at the Academy, not only have my skills grown, but also my network and confidence.”


”The Techionista program combines hard skills and soft skills, a very valuable combination.. However, what I liked the most was the fact that Techionista allows you to connect with companies that are active in the field of data science. During the program, you’ll get to know the different companies and how they work. I can proudly say that I’ve found a new challenge. I now work as a Data, Analytics & AI Consultant at Macaw.”


In my role as a Marketing Intelligence Professional, I discovered that being able to understand and analyse data was becoming more important. This course boosted my knowledge of data science, and the combination of hard skills and soft skills made me a confident data science professional. Becoming a freelancer in data science was my goal, and I can proudly say that I’ve reached that goal!”


“The strength of the program is that you’re coached not only by professionals but also by your fellow students. Combined with extensive soft skills training and a business case, it is the ideal mix. Thanks to this program I now have a valuable network, the knowledge to apply data science in business and… I have a dream job as Data Scientist at Ajax.”


“This academy was a great opportunity for me to make my Master in Social Sciences future-proof. In a few weeks of intensive training we learned programming languages and machine learning techniques that are highly sought after in all industries. With this golden mix of skills I was able to emigrate to the UK with peace of mind, with not just one, but two job offerings! I now work as a Data Scientist at the British Ministry of Justice, where I try to secure the safety of detainees by giving warders more information about violence and self-injury in prisons.”


Graduating from the Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista makes me more resilient for the future. Regardless if you are on the tech or business side of a company, we all need to be able to make decisions based on data and not on our instincts. The academy helped me to develop a skill that enables me to find answers to questions unknown that drives better business decisions. This is an added value and will definitely change my career overtime.
Marlene is Lead Digital Transformation Consultant and Certified Data Scientist at LinkedIn. 


“As a Strategic Advisor Information Management, I am fascinated by the impact of digital on organizations. Data Science is such a development. Participating in the Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista gave me the opportunity to dive into Data Science for five months. From Python to the required soft skills. Through the program I broadened my ICT knowledge, enriched my soft skills, expanded my network and got a fantastic job as Principal Consultant Data at Breinwave.”


“During my Master’s degree I fell in love with Data Analysis, and decided to educate myself in this fantastic field of study. The Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista provided me a with a strong foundation in Statistics, Machine Learning and Python, and improved greatly my soft skills, preparing me for a career in Data Science. Being part of the Techionista team was a great experience, where I felt welcome, understood, and strongly supported in finding my dream career job. This was, with no doubt, a life changing experience.”


“During this training, in which we were prepped for a job in Data Science, hard – and soft skills training sessions alternated and coaches passed by for inspiring cases and stories. The strength of this academy lies in the fact that we enjoyed a lot of freedom in our choices, collaborations and techniques, so each of us walked our own path from a close-knit group that came into being. A unique approach that definitely helps us on the way to the next data challenge! I am now working as a Data Scientist at Octo.”


“In the past I had worked a bit with data and that suited me well. Yet I did not know exactly what data science would mean in practice and whether it would suit me. The academy gave me an overview of the field in a short time. I now work in the position of data scientist for BPSolutions. I now combine my experience as a consultant, what I was before, and my knowledge in data science to help customers move forward with issues in the field of data. The academy was an expedition filled with hard work, together with my fellow students and coaches. With great support from Techionista and Microsoft, who made this program possible with great passion and dedication.” 


“The Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista has opened up the gates of opportunity for me. I had reached my threshold to finding a new job in the Netherlands, but hearing about this program motivated me to get back again and give it a try. This helped me build not only my technical capabilities but also helped me grow in confidence as a person, more professional exposure and also huge pride in being a woman. I’m now working as a DevOps engineer at Cargonaut Nederland B.V.”


“This Academy was a perfect opportunity to realize my career desires and plans. We studied hard, had to sacrifice a lot in terms of time, social life and nights of sleep, but the result was fantastic. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practice gave me a boost in self-confidence. The high demands and quality of this academy meant that 90% of the alumni got very nice jobs after a short period of time. I am now a data scientist at Smallsteps BV.”


“This academy helped me at three levels:

  1. To network with other professionals in the Netherlands
  2. To update my Data Science skills
  3. To boost my confidence level to apply for and find a job

I’m now working as a data scientist for Data4Development.


“It was a great opportunity to start with this Data Science program. The courses were very helpful and tremendous hands-on with data. Above all, the soft skills program was very much appreciated. Overall, this was an awesome experience.” 


“As a psychologist I got the chance to do the Data Science course at the Academy. A completely new world opened up for me; how you can make predictions in the area of health on the basis of data. Step by step we have been guided through the program with a lot of personal attention. Everyone got the chance to obtain the certificate in her own way. Thankful that I got this opportunity!” 


The courses have given me the insights of Azure Cloud Platforms and the components in it that I can fabricate to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. I also learned the tricks of the trade in transforming data into useful information through visualization and analytics. On top of that, the soft skills sessions gave me a mindset framework to circumvent women’s hurdles in technology. As of today, I am no longer just a bystander but a fully engaged Data Scientist. I’m now working as a Coach Data Science at Future Skills Lab.” 


“I chose the Academy especially to refresh my knowledge about statistics and learn to program in Python, but the Academy offered so much more. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always easy, it wasn’t always fun. But it taught me what it takes to be(come) a data scientist. It was an inspiring experience to be learning, working and growing together with such a diverse group of women.”
Angie is now a Young Professional at Inergy Analytical Solutions B.V.


“After years of working in the financial sector, I have made the switch to the world of Data Science. A switch I don’t regret. The course gave me the opportunity to further deepen my affinity with data (analysis). The strength of the program is that you’re coached not only by professionals but also by your fellow students. For me it has resulted in an awesome job as Sr. Business Consultant Data at Breinwave B.V.”